Chinese firm Dragon Lab

The Chinese firm Dragon Lab produces small laboratory equipment. Her main specialization is pipetting equipment. The "dragons" catalog contains single-channel pipettes-dispensers of variable and fixed volume, electrical and mechanical fillers for traditional glass and plastic pipettes, dispensers for bottles, steppers, centrifuges, magnetic stirrers, shakers and vortexes.

Dragon Lab products offer excellent value for money. According to the customers who tested the pipettes, their quality corresponds to the European "middle class" (Eppendorf, the best HTL models, the economical Biohit models (which, by the way, served as the prototype of the Dragon pipettes)). Dragon Lab's production is ISO certified and the products are CE certified in Europe. Dragon Lab pipettes are registered in Russia as a medical device and thus can be used in medical diagnostic laboratories. Dragon Lab equipment for mixing and centrifugation is not inferior to Western counterparts not only in functionality, but also in design, while the prices for it are significantly lower.

Dragon Lab pipettes are available from our warehouse. We are offering significant discounts on bulk purchases to regional dealers, and those who want to try Dragon Lab pipettes can do so on a shareware test basis.