Detection Antibody Cocktail

Detection Antibody Cocktail -

One vial of lyophilized biotinylated antibodies. Before use,
reconstitute the Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Detection Antibody Cocktail in 200 μL of
deionized or distilled water.
Lysis Buffer 16 - Add 10 μg/mL of Aprotinin, 10 μg/mL of Leupeptin, and 10 μg/mL of
Pepstatin to the volume of lysis buffer required for cell lysate preparation. Prepare fresh for
each use.
1X Array Buffer 2/3 - Dilute 1.8 mL of Array Buffer 2 Concentrate into 7.2 mL of Array Buffer 3.
Prepare fresh for each use.
1X Wash Buffer - If crystals have formed in the concentrate, warm the bottles to room
temperature and mix gently until the crystals have completely dissolved. Dilute 40 mL of
25X Wash Buffer Concentrate into 960 mL of deionized or distilled water.
Chemi Reagent Mix - Chemi Reagents 1 and 2 should be mixed in equal volumes within
15 minutes of use. Protect from light. 0.5 mL of the resultant mixture is required per