Mirus Bio's

Transfection reagents are the backbone of Mirus Bio's portfolio, and in this area Mirus is one of the renowned world leaders.

Mirus offers reagents for DNA transfection, both broad spectrum and specific for popular cell lines, reagents for RNA (viral / mRNA and siRNA / miRNA) transcription, as well as oligonucleotides. New developments Mirus Bio - a system for transcription into three-dimensional cell cultures and the TransIT-PRO® Transfection Kit, optimized for the creation of highly efficient CHO and 293 cell-producing strains.

For the convenience of selecting the reagent required for your experiment, there is a special database on the Mirus website. Another public database is designed to search for publications describing the use of Mirus reagents in a wide variety of experiments.

Mirus reagents are not cheap, but if you need the maximum reagent efficiency in your particular experiment, we recommend that you consider purchasing them. We can offer you the most popular reagents from stock.

In addition to transfection reagents, Mirus also offers reagents and consumables for electroporation, labeling and imaging of biomolecules, kits for the delivery of genetic material and in vivo expression, and some related products.