The assortment of the American company Solulink is based on the biomolecule conjugation technology invented and patented by the company.

For conjugation, one of the molecules is modified at the amino groups of 6-hydrazine nicotinic acid HyNic (), and the second, also at the amino groups, with 4-formylbenzamide (4FB). After that, the modified substances are simply mixed in an aqueous solution at pH 5-6 so that the residues of HyNic and 4FB form bis-arylhydrazone:


The reaction is very selective, and the resulting bis-arylhydrazone bond is very stable: it has been shown to be stable in the pH range 2-10 at temperatures up to 95 °. The pronounced maximum UV absorption at 354 nm allows easy identification of the conjugate.

Based on this technology, Solulink has developed several linker modifications, including thiol-reactive, hydrophilic PEG moieties, and a disulfide-bridged version that allows the conjugate to be degraded if desired.

The HyNic-4FB bridge is especially convenient for conjugation with synthetic molecules, since HyNic is easily introduced into the peptide sequence, and 4FB into the oligonucleotide sequence during solid-phase synthesis. Thus, the Solulink linker can be used to:

protein-protein conjugation
conjugation of peptides with oligonucleotides
conjugation of proteins with oligonucleotides
labeling with biotin or digoxigenin with the possibility of UV detection of the conjugate
immobilization of biomolecules, in particular, immobilization of streptavidin
Of course, this list is not exhaustive: Solulink technology provides synthetics and biochemists with a flexible and powerful tool for designing a wide variety of molecules. More information about Solulink technology can be found in the company brochure (in English).

In addition to the conjugation reagents themselves, Solulink offers from the catalog ready-made kits for labeling antibodies, reagents for labeling with digoxigenin and biotin with the possibility of UV detection of conjugates, streptavidin-agarose, magnetic nanoparticles with immobilized streptavidin and modified for conjugation (with free aminogroups). If you wish, you can order the preparation of the conjugate you need from the company.

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