Zymo Research

The American company Zymo Research offers products for molecular biology: isolation, purification and analysis of nucleic acids, epigenetic research, obtaining competent cells and other applications.


Zymo Research entered the market in 1994 and in a relatively short period of time was able to take its rightful place in the constantly expanding range of manufacturers of kits for the isolation, purification and analysis of nucleic acids.


The company's credo is "The beauty of science is to make things simple", roughly translated - "the charm of science is in simplicity." Accordingly, most of the Zymo Research kits are distinguished by the extreme simplicity of the procedure: everything takes from 10 minutes to several hours, the process is usually carried out in 2-3 simple stages, you get the product in a format convenient for subsequent use.


In recent years, Zymo Research has focused on a promising new direction in molecular biology - epigenetics. It all started with the extremely successful EZ DNA Methylation ™ Kit and EZ DNA Methylation-Gold ™ Kit for bisulfite conversion of methylated DNA and now offer other epigenetic research tools. At the same time, Zymo does not forget the traditional kits for DNA and RNA isolation, the range of which is constantly expanding, as well as kits for obtaining competent E. coli cells, products for expression and isolation of proteins, reagents and consumables. Conveniently, almost all of the kit components can be purchased separately.


Zymo Research products are notable for an affordable price, and in quality they are comparable to the best world analogues. Of course, you shouldn't expect miracles: it happens that in one case or another the output of your product is far from what you want. But we must understand that with all the external simplicity of the set, "behind the scenes" we are dealing with complex physicochemical processes, and the same product cannot work equally well in all cases. Some researchers like the Zymo Research kits, some prefer third-party products. To help you make your choice without much risk, we suggest either trying free samples of Zymo Research kits, or taking commercial kits from our warehouse for shareware testing.




Today, Zymo Research offers researchers products in the following categories:


Isolation and purification of DNA

This category contains reagent kits for working with various types of DNA:


genomic DNA - plant, viral, bacterial and yeast, nucleosomal, body fluids, blood and soft tissues, dense tissues and insects, including tissues embedded in paraffin and many others.

plasmid DNA - including mini-, mid- and maxipreps;

for DNA purification - including removal of PCR inhibitors, DNA extraction from agarose gels, purification of PCR products and concentration, purification of DNA preparations for sequencing, etc .;

as well as DNA molecular weight markers.

Only a part of these sets are presented on our site. The full current assortment of DNA kits can be found on the Zymo Research website at this address.


Isolation and purification of RNA


Kits for:


RNA purification:


purification of RNA from DNA; isolation of RNA from agarose gel; purification and concentration of RNA; removal of reverse transcription inhibitors.


Obtaining total RNA: bacterial and fungal, blood and body fluids, cells and soft tissues, one-step isolation from Trizol or TRI reagent, dense and paraffin-embedded tissues, soil, fecal and plant, viral RNA.

Isolation of small RNAs: micro- and minipreps, kits for RNA isolation from polyacrylamide gels

RNA molecular weight markers

A complete current list of kits for working with RNA can be found on the manufacturer's website at this link.




DNA methylation;

DNA hydroxymethylation;

Enzymes and more.

E. coli competent cells, kits and reagents for their preparation


Reagents for working with yeast cultures

Protein Reagents


Ready-made buffers and solutions


Plastic, cleaning columns






Some of the most popular Zymo Research kits are available in our warehouse in Moscow, any other Zymo Research products can be purchased on order.


The Zymo Research website has video tutorials on the most commonly used products, you can watch them here


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