proteins feature

Our proteins feature:
Quality Control
Each new lot is tested side-by-side with a previous lot for biological potency, endotoxin level, and purity.
Minimal lot-to-lot variability
Biological Activity
Measured with an appropriate biological system
Tested to ensure biological activity is consistent with literature-based expectations
Recombinant proteins are typically over 95% pure.
Ensures that the experimental outcome is a result of the protein of interest and not due to the presence of a contaminant
Endotoxin Level
Each new production lot of protein is assessed for endotoxin using the Limulus Amoebocyte Lysates (LAL) assay.
Low endotoxin levels are essential when proteins are used in biological systems that are sensitive to its effect.
Most recombinant proteins are lyophilized from a sterile filtered solution containing a carrier protein, usually bovine serum albumin (BSA) at 50 micrograms per 1 microgram of the protein of interest.
Gives the lyophilized protein greater stability
Allows easy handling and storage
Maximizes recovery upon reconstitution
For applications where carrier protein is undesirable (e.g. in vivo experiments), carrier-free proteins are available (identifiable with the catalog extension of "/CF").
Our recombinant enzymes are in solution and ready to use.
Bulk Quantities
When experimental protocols require large quantities of a particular protein, special bulk pack sizes can be purchased. This will reduce the cost per unit mass. Please contact us for a bulk order quote.